Classes Taught 2019-20 School year
                   Trimester 1                    Trimester 2                           Trimester 3

Per 1:          Algebra 2A                                 Algebra 2A                                     Algebra 2B

Per 2:          Algebra Topics                         Prep                                                  Algebra Topics

Per 3:          Fundamental Math A            Fundamental Math A                 Fundamental Math B

Per 4:           Prep                                             Fundamental Math B                 Prep

Per 5:          Algebra 2A                                  Algebra Topics                            Algebra 2B

Need Help?   I can be found …

At lunch . . . in my classroom 516, or in the Math Center room 504

Afterschool . . .  in my classroom until 3:15 everyday except  Friday when I can be found in the Math Center, room 504

Or the Math Center is open every day from first period until 4:00pm, including lunch time.